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Tony Grosso, Head of Marketing, EIS Group, Coretech - leaving legacy behind (90)

July 3, 2020

Innovation is great, but one thing's clear from the last few years - no insurer can totally abandon its core legacy systems and switch to the latest technology in one simple move. Tony Grosso brings a breadth of practical experience from a career in IT, starting his own business, working at a leading US carrier and now running marketing for EIS Group. EIS was founded in 2008 and describes itself as providing a platform for high velocity insurance operations. 

In this episode Matthew's discussion with Tony covers a wide range set of topics including:

- the role that "coretech" has to link together Insurtech applications and established technology

- what people want from insurers today

- why thousands of APIs running in a headless function is a good thing (and what that means)

- the work EIS is doing with Liberty Mutual and New Zealand based Tower Insurance

- the results of the EIS survey on the insurer of the future, and why the biggest priority for 1/3 of respondents is to move beyond just insurance protection and add more value  

And much more

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