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Platform & Ecosystems: Part One - Novidea, Salesforce and their partners (54)

November 10, 2019

Platforms are emerging as one of this year's top topics for insurance and technology - and we are going to hear a lot more about them in the next year. Start-ups have been finding it hard to get the attention of insurers, and experience is showing that most insurers are not really set up to nurture early stage companies. Insurance technology platforms provide a way for insurers to more easily access data, analytics and the related services they need to improve efficiency and engagement - and for technology companies to get to insurers. Our event on 22nd October at The Steelyard featured companies talking about their platforms and their ecosystems. In this, the highlights from the first half of the event, Matthew is on stage with our sponsors Novidea, their platform Salesforce and their ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) Conga and Financial Force. 

You can read our summary of the whole event on the dedicated page on our website - and see photos and details of all the speakers. Look out for the remainder of the evening that included Guidewire, ICEinsurtech, AXA, DMS and RiskBook.

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