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Ki, the algorithmic underwriter. Mark Allan, CFO & James Birch, Head of Innovation, Brit Insurance (84)

May 24, 2020

Whilst some organisations may look elsewhere to blame for the increasing costs of placing insurance in London, Brit has decide to strike out and show what digital can mean for an established company with the launch of Ki, it's algorithmic syndicate. In this episode Matthew Grant talks to Mark Allan CFO of Brit, and James Birch, head of innovation to learn about the motivation for launching this new initiative, how it will work and why they chose to partner with Google Cloud and University College London. 

Topics covered included:

  • What is a lead-follow syndicate?
  • How will Ki select what it wants to underwrite?
  • Is the algorithm smart enough to admit when it doesn't know the answer?
  • What is the human oversight? Is an active underwriter required?
  • What are the implications for the future of Insurtech
  • organizations, rather than a start-up or a scale-up?
  • What does Lloyd's think about this?
  • What and why is Ki "anywhere, anytime"?

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