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Ryan Kottenstette: CEO & Founder of Cape Analytics: Geospatial imagery and aerial insights (58)

December 8, 2019

Ryan Kottenstette founded Cape Analytics in 2014 to help companies identify building characteristics based on aerial imagery.

Five years on and Cape has analysed 80% of the US population (in terms of physical property risk) with the resulting data being used to help price and manage insurance policies and reinsurance portfolios by over 30 companies. Today the company ranks as one of the best known technology companies in insurance to have emerged in the last few years.  

Ryan and Matthew's topics discussed:

  • the challenges (and successes) he has seen when building a company
  • using satellite, aircraft and drone data for more accurate pricing
  • use of third-party data
  • dealing with uncertainty
  • the growth in "insurtech" and insurance innovation
  • understanding wildfire risks through artificial intelligence
  • approving new class plans and rate filings
  • the importance of focussing on customer needs

If you want to hear more from Cape Analytics, they will be in London at the end of January and we are hosting a breakfast event for them. Details in the Instech London newsletter. 

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