InsTech London - insurance & innovation with Matthew Grant

Robin reflects on DIA. Dan White of Ninety Consulting on innovation and company value (36)

July 15, 2019

A double bill this week. Matthew talks to Robin about his experience of visiting the DIA Amsterdam conference this year with the highlights, lowlights and his meeting with the rising stars from insurtech in Japan.

Dan White, Managing Partner at Ninety Consulting talks to us about some of the themes emerging from their white paper "Examining the direct relationship between insurance innovation and company value"

We discuss topics such as why do insurers appear to compare so badly with other industries when it comes to innovation spend - is that real or just differences in the data? Which is better, lots of small innovation or a few large projects? And a lot more.

We are pleased to have Ninety Consulting as one of InsTech London's gold sponsors in 2019.

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