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Jonathan Gonzalez: CEO & Co-founder, Raincoat: The parametric company solving the protection gap at scale (183)

March 27, 2022

While weather-related catastrophic events are on the rise, insurance policies and federal aid are still inaccessible for many globally.

Jonathan Gonzalez is the CEO and co-founder of Raincoat, a platform to support insurers in the development and distribution of parametric insurance solutions for consumers in at-risk countries and regions.

He joins Matthew on Podcast 183 to explain how scalable parametric insurance products are helping to reduce the protection gap, Raincoat’s consumer-focused approach, and tailoring solutions to tackle relevant climate risks in different areas of the world.

Talking points include:

  • How Hurricane Maria inspired Jonathan to launch a company
  • How he used his software background to build Raincoat
  • What is needed to successfully collaborate with insurers 
  • The indices used to measure perils and how various data sources are handled 
  • The importance of regulation in the application of parametric insurance

You can get more information about Raincoat on the company’s InsTech London member profile page.

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The Learning Objectives for this podcast are:

  • Summarise what the protection gap is and the role of parametric insurance products in reducing this

  • Understand how various indices and data sources are used to measure risk

  • List some of the relevant climate risks in different areas of the world and some solutions to mitigate against these

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