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Jacqueline McNamee: CEO &Founder: C-Quence Building a Management Liability MGA (61)

December 29, 2019

The role, and potential, for MGAs has been much discussed in 2019, with some significant fundraising and acquisitions. 

Jacqueline McNamee, a former underwriter, became frustrated with the speed of innovation at her previous employer and launched C-Quence in 2017. Matthew interviewed Jacqueline for one of the keynote presentations at the Cytora conference in November and this episode has the highlights of their discussion. Topics covered include:

  • What is Management Liability insurance
  • The sources of data used for underwriting
  • Why C-Quence built its own technology stack
  • The importance of speed
  • The value of the broker channel
  • Use of Cytora product

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Produced by Simon Fyles,

Edited by Peter Roach,