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27. “Insurance is a community, not an industry”. Marketing Innovation with Hiscox, Concirrus, Slipcase, The Marketing Eye and Proper LinkedIn.

May 13, 2019

We're back in this week's episode with highlights from our event on 30th April. Matthew Grant is talking to an insurer, an insurtech and three marketing experts about how to innovate with marketing in insurance and techniques for gaining more exposure in B2C and B2B.

First up is Olivia Hendrick, Director of Marketing at Hiscox UK and Ireland (2:20), describing their record breaking "cyber hack" marketing video, with over 20 million downloads. What it is, how it works and why. See the video here -

Andy Yeoman, CEO and Founder of marine analytics platform Concirrus  (6:20) explains how he has been able to become part of the marine underwriting community by understanding the conversations his clients want to be having.

Chris Williams of Proper Linkedin Marketing (13:46) reveals the secrets to getting engagement and coverage on LinkedIn, whether to post on a personal page or a company page and how to optimise the LinkedIn algorithm.

Alex Hearn, CEO and founder of new site and central content platform Slipcase (22:15) describes what insurers are most interested in and how he provides added value to them. Wondering what people read and why? See a snapshot of Slipcase's research here - contact them directly for more details. 

Finally, Neil Edwards of agency Marketing Eye (28:37) explains how technology companies can take advantage of social media and when the best time is to send out news. 

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