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33. More algorithms that really work from ChAI, e2Value and We Predict

June 24, 2019

More fun from our Algorithm and AI event at the Steelyard on 3rd June in this, our selected highlights from the second half of the evening. We covered the first half in episode 31. Now its Robin Merttens turn up on stage talking to three of the leaders from new and growing companies servicing the insurance market telling us how they are making it real in the world of algorithms.

Silvi Wompa, Chief Underwriting Officer,  ChAI (1:30)

ChAI is releasing an insurance product to mitigate price risk for buyers and sellers of commodities by forecasting prices using both traditional and alternative data (including satellite, maritime and political risk data) in combination with Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques.

Todd Rissel, CEO and Founder, e2Value (11:24)

e2Value offers products to assist with property asset valuation. Its tools can be used for collateral asset valuation, risk management, and predictive modeling. e2Value is the SaaS provider delivering valuations for residential, commercial, and farm and ranch properties in the US and Canada.

James Davies, CEO and Founder,  We Predict (18:00)

Munich Re backed We Predict use predictive analytics and its proprietary dataset Deepview to help vehicle
manufacturers make better purchasing and engineering decisions, and to insure their associated risks. 

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