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26. Marketing Innovation in Insurance Part One. Inshur, Gobsmack, AM Best, Ninety Consulting and AXA.

May 7, 2019

“Insurers aren’t bad at marketing, it's just that they haven’t had to be good at it”.

Listen to Robin and Matthew host another set of lively discussions from our 'Marketing Innovation in Insurance' event on April 30th. 

Creative, and still a bit edgy, we moved up to Shoreditch for our April event and we weren’t disappointed; with over 100 people attending their first InsTech London event, plus a similar number of regulars.  

Highlights on the 'Part 1' podcast include AM Best (17:37) talking about the response to their innovation rating methodology, Ninety Consulting (20:18) reveal their innovation methodology and AXA (27:00) discuss its partners programme. Inshur (1:44) also explain what motivates Uber drivers to buy insurance and Gobsmack (9:35) describe a new angle on reward programmes.

Look out for 'Part 2' coming soon. More details of the event, including all of the photos are available on the event page. Thanks goes to the LMA for sponsoring.

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