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22 The insurtech MGAs (Part One): Coverly, Tarian, Digital Asset Services with Artificial & Insurtech Gateway

April 9, 2019

In this episode we bring you the first three discussions we had on stage at our evening event "MGA: The new frontier for Insurtech"

First up is Bryan Phillip from small business insurance provider Coverly describing why they decided to offer a new type of insurance and who they are working with. 

Jason Coombe from Tarian and David King, Founder of Artificial explain how they worked together to launch Tarian's cyber MGA. (5:40)

David Janczewski co-founder of Digital Assets Services talks about his new crypto assets insurance business and Richard Chattock CEO of Insurtech Gateway describes why they chose to support Digital Assets Services. (13:30)

Look out for more speakers in future podcasts. Further details and pictures from the event at


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