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17. What’s changing in 2019? The InsTech London Partners on stage

February 5, 2019

Recorded live from the InsTech London evening session at The Steelyard, Robin Merttens, Matthew Grant and Paolo Cuomo, the InsTech London partners, talk to Mark Geoghegan of Insurance Insider. The first half of our event on 29th January 2019. We discuss whether partnerships between the start-ups and insurers are failing, and does that mean that disruption is back on the table? What is happening globally, who has made a difference in 2018, and yes, what about blockchain? We had a packed evening for this one - over 200 people in the room providing some great questions. 

See more details from the events, including access to all the photographs from our Flickr gallery at our on the new dedicated event page

Recording from the second half of this event follows in Podcast 18



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