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From underwriting to claims - taking the pain out of payments (202)

August 7, 2022

In the second of this two-part podcast with highlights from our live event Matthew Grant looks back on the conversations Robin Merttens had on stage with Andrew Passfield (ICE InsureTech), Freddy Macnamara (Cuvva), Daniel Poole (Cover Genius) and Adrian Davis (Stripe) at our recent London event, “Making Payments Pay: Making the Most of Payments Technologies”.
Part one looked at why the method of making and receiving payments is critical to insurers and the evolving needs of customers. This part focuses on managing the movement and financial management of money, the benefits of flexible insurance and the integral role embedded and parametric insurance plays in payment provision.

Talking points include:

  • Understanding why getting payments right must be a strategic priority for insurers
  • How to overcome the complexity of the insurance ecosystem which often leads to fragmentation, inefficiency, greater risk and delays
  • Stripe’s payment technologies and use cases, including how it helped a delivery company earn over £100 million of additional revenue as a result of their technology systems and APIs
  • How Tik Tok can generate underwriting returns and effective marketing strategies for insurers
  • Who ICE InsureTech is partnering with and how its digital services are being integrated

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The Learning Objectives for this podcast are:

  • List examples of payment technologies being platformed by software providers, with some use cases
  • Summarise the processes that contribute to complexity within the insurance ecosystem
  • Describe the role of parametric and embedded insurance in the processing of payments

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