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Amrit Santhirasenan: CEO & Founder of Hyperexponential - Modelling reimagined (52)

October 27, 2019

We're back in the Lloyd's Lab for this week's episode talking to Amrit Santhirasenan. Amrit, a qualified actuary,  founded Hyperexponential having become frustrated by the lack of available tools he could use to run his actuarial models. Previously head of pricing and analytics at Tokio Marine Kiln, Amrit founded Hyperexponetial (or HX) in 2017 and already has clients and revenue. Matthew finds out from Amrit how his time in the Lloyd's Lab Cohort 3 has been accelerating the company's success in finding supporters and clients in Lloyd's and beyond. 

Look out for our write up of this interview coming soon, and save time from taking your own notes by reading the transcript on (available a few days after our podcasts are released).

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