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Platform & Ecosystems: Part Two - Axa, ICE InsureTech, DMS & RiskBook (55)

November 17, 2019

In our last episode we brought you the first half of our event on the 22nd October on Platforms and Ecosystems. We're back with the second part of the evening this time. Robin's on stage talking to four companies (three of whom are corporate members and one a start-up) all with very different approaches to providing access to data, analytics from third parties.

Kelly Ward, Sales, Marketing and Distribution Director, AXA Partners (2:10)

Andrew Passfield, CEO and Al Robertson, CTO, ICE InsureTech (9:00)

Mark Dreux, Head of Strategy and Business Development, DMS (16:00)

Jerad Leigh & Ben Rose, Co-Founders, RiskBook (24:00)

You can read the summary of the evening, see photographs from the event and the full agenda on the dedicated event page on our website at

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