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John-Isaac Clark: CEO, Arturo: Property insights from above (186)

April 17, 2022

Arturo delivers on-demand property data using multi-source imagery and provides AI insights for damage assessment after a catastrophic event.

John-Isaac "JC" Clark, the CEO of Arturo, speaks to Matthew about how Arturo's information is used. They cover how satellites collect data, what underwriters are doing with it and how he expects this to evolve as innovation progresses.

Talking points include:

  • How American Family is producing a technology company from its innovation team
  • The sourcing and accuracy of information used in the lifecycle of an insurance policy
  • What data do satellite and aerial images capture and how they are used to produce insights
  • Use cases of drones and aircraft in the property and casualty markets
  • Examples of who they partner with and why
  • How insurers in the US, Australia and Japan are using Arturo's data

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  • Describe how satellite and aerial images capture data, and how underwriters use the insights this data produces
  • List some cases of drone and aircraft use in damage assessment, and the advantages for the property and casualty markets

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