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31. How humble is your algorithm? Talking to AIG, Cytora, WhenFresh and Polar Capital

June 11, 2019

This week’s podcast features edited highlights of Matthew chatting on stage with leading figures from AIG, Cytora, WhenFresh and Polar Capital at our live event in The Steelyard.

Everyone’s talking about AI, but what’s really going on? Questions we asked included how far has AI really got in insurance, what are the regulatory issues, how to convince an insurer that the results are validated, how to tell the quality of a company’s AI credentials, where do insurers stand relative to the rest of the world, and a lot more. Our guests talk about the ways they are using AI and Algorithms in their own businesses and how they distinguish reality from hype. Tips for assessing the quality of a company that is claiming to use AI, and thoughts on how to encourage more data scientists to join the industry. What is the Moneyball effect and is your algorithm smart enough and humble enough to admit when it doesn't know? 

The usual buzzing crowd and experts on stage made for another great evening.

Reza Khorshidi, Chief Scientist, Global AIG (1:20)

Hamzah Chaudhary, Director of Deployment, Cytora (10:45)

Mark Cunningham, CEO and Founder, WhenFresh (21:10)

Nick Martin, Fund Manager, Polar Capital (29:00)


Both Reza and Nick recommend the book: Prediction Machines: The Simple Economics of Artificial Intelligence by Ajay Agrawal


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