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Garrett Koehn: President, CRC Brokerage: Wholesale broking, innovation and investment (189)

May 15, 2022

Garrett Koehn is President at CRC Brokerage, and he is also an active investor, mentor and forward thinker on topics such as crypto, cyber and parametric.

He joins Matthew to discuss the emerging trends in risk, investment and insurance. We find out about wholesale broking and the appetite of traditional markets for new risks.

Companies discussed include Ensuro, AgentSync, Zenefits, Evertas,, Beazley, and Lloyd's.

CRC Group is one of the largest wholesale insurance distributors in the US. Its insurance offerings and practice groups include commercial property, casualty, professional lines, construction, energy, healthcare and hospitality.

Talking points include: 

  • How companies are valued and the problems of overvaluation
  • The role of cryptocurrencies in investment and insurance
  • Finding new asset classes to insure
  • The impact of climate change regulation, reporting requirements and opportunities arising from the changes

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  • Identify what investors and insurers need to consider when navigating around cryptocurrency market trends
  • List some of the opportunities arising within the insurance industry due to climate change regulation updates

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